Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 12 HCMC

Today some of us took our breakfast out on the Famous Rooftop Garden of our hotel. Many a GI and Journalist shared information and drink above Saigon Streets here at what was the R & R stop for those lucky enough to come to the city. The paradox is not lost that we have spent our R & R at sites of both sides of the conflict. The tour today included the war museum and the Southern Palace of Diem. After lunch we traveled to another history museum of the early dynasties. Then a tour to a lacquer factory where beautiful wood pieces are produced by hand. We finished our day of touring in China Town, the oldest part of Saigon. Catherine

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Barbara said...

Glad you are seeing so many different customs, and areas of Viet Nam. I have been away , for a few days , visiting my Granddaughter, and did't go on line. Mom is doing ok, and I plan to take her to do some errands today.Took a week of vacation, but sadly, not able to go anywhere, but Raleigh---gas is almost $4.00.ugh ! Be safe .Barbara