Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 9 Hoi An

A few of us were up a 5am to experience the market, the seafood being sold from the boats, along with fruits, flowers and everything else. After breakfast we walked the ancient streets of Hoi An and toured one of the oldest houses and temples of the city. They have very striking Chinese influence. In the home we were invited for tea and were able to watch the family create “White Rose” a delicacy of the are made with shrimp paste and rice flour. Then we traveled to Da Nang for lunch, a walk on the beach, known as China Beach to American Soldiers and a tour of Cham Museum statues and artifacts looted from ancient holy sites. Catherine


Dark_Knight said...

That temple is gorgeous! I wish I was there. I'm so jealous.

SAPC - Vietnam 2008 said...

The really cool thing about that temple was the incense. They had tons of it hanging from the ceiling in long red spirals with yellow tags in the middle. They are bought in honor of someone(s) (their names are put on the tag) and then it burns for one whole month after being lit just once! The place smelled gorgeous to me but not so much to some of the others. This was also a temple that was honoring a woman buddha who protects those at sea so it had several minature boats and sea weathering paintings. :) - Midorichan (Kime)