Saturday, May 10, 2008

Long Day in the Big City

Hey people! A nice woman came up to us and offered to take our picture with my camera right before I tried to do it Lyndsey McCall style. Strangely enough my peace sign is right below the statue of liberty (this is as close as we got to it because the line for the ferry was crazy long) and a little to the right of mom is Ellis Island. We had a fun day wandering around NYC: saw a bit of the downtown including where the World Trade Center was and found a nice Irish pub to eat a late lunch before finding the famous bull statue which is not on wall street (it's on broadway). That's all for now kids, we've got a few more hours till our twelve hour flight from JFK to Hong Kong, and then a much shorter flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Wish us luck, if the NYC subway was any kind of prediction we may need a little to help us through the next two weeks. Love you all and stay safe! - Midorichan

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